Awesome Acceptance Testing

My notes on DanNorth and JoeWalnes‘ session at Spa 2008. Five artefacts: Automation – the glue that binds the tests to the code Vocabulary – the language that the tests are expressed in Syntax – the technology that the tests are expressed in (C#, Java) Intent – the actual scenario being tested Harness – the […]

Retrospective: The Clue is in the Name

I facilitated our regular end-of-iteration retrospective last week, and although the feedback from the team was positive, I was left with a feeling that something wasn’t right. With our second major live release looming large on the horizon, I focussed the session on the theme of ‘Success’. My aim was to give the team a […]

Kanban for Software Explained

Karl Scotland has posted a great description of how his team solved some issues they were having within their Scrum team by moving over to using a lean-thinking or Kanban system, based on a short buffer or Queue of Minimum Marketable Features (MMFs). It’s probably the clearest explanation I’ve seen yet of why and how […]

Words Matter: Growing Software

Brian Marrrick makes a good point that ‘incremental’ and ‘iterative’ just look and sound way too similar to make the decent brand-names for ‘evil’ and ‘good’ software development practice respectively. Note to self: say ‘incremental assembly’ (boo!) and ‘iterative growth’ (yeah!). The more I think about it, the more I like the growth vs assembly […]

The Path to Greatness – Anyone Got a Map?

I just bumbled into a great post by Raganwald on the subject of certification for professional software developers. It’s something I’ve been giving some thought to lately. I coach my team informally on a daily basis as we work together and more formally at the end of each iteration during our retrospective. I’ve also been […]

Integration Tests – Good or Evil?

As with most stupid questions like this, the answer is “neither”. There are times when integration tests really help, and there are times when they can be a pain in the neck. I was prompted to write this post when a colleague pointed me towards this page on the behaviour-driven wiki, which mentions the disadvantages […]