Personas for Debugging Pair Programming Session

As I may have mentioned I’m running a session at Agile 2009 called ‘Debugging Pair Programming’. There’s a preview of the session tomorrow night at Skills Matter and I’ve just finished preparing for it. Mind if I run a couple of things past you?

Debug Pair Programming with Me in London

I’ll be running a preview of my Agile 2009 workshop ‘Debugging Pair Programming’ at Skills Matter on Monday 10th August. If you’re on a team that’s using or trying to adopt pair programming, this is a great chance to explore and understand some of the complex reasons why this is such a difficult skill to […]

Don’t Confuse Estimates with Commitments

Estimate: an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth Commitment: the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action Estimates are not commitments. Plans based only on estimates are bad plans. Commitments based only on estimates are at best foolish, at worst dishonest. Estimates are certainly a useful tool for […]

If Code is Written Solo in a Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

I’ve written before about my views on the importance of pair programming as a way of building a common conciousness in a team. When two people work on a piece of code together, not only is it instantly reviewed for correctness and readability, but already two people on the team understand exactly why the code […]

You, Sir, are an Anti-Pattern

Last night in the pub I was introduced to the term ‘corncob’, a label apparently used in some software development circles for a disruptive team member. I’d love to know how on earth that particular word was chosen. I rather dislike this tendency to put people into boxes, as the next obvious step is to […]