Kanban for Software Explained

Karl Scotland has posted a great description of how his team solved some issues they were having within their Scrum team by moving over to using a lean-thinking or Kanban system, based on a short buffer or Queue of Minimum Marketable Features (MMFs). It’s probably the clearest explanation I’ve seen yet of why and how to employ this emerging technique, and Karl certainly makes a compelling case for considering this as a progression for teams who are experienced with Scrum and need to be able to adapt rapidly during the development of a story or feature.

One of my key questions about Kanban is how it’s possible to predict long-term delivery dates for specific features, and although Karl goes some way to answering those questions, it looks as though you need, as well as a mature agile team, a fairly mature and trusting organisation to make this work.

I guess you also need to be working on a product that’s already in production and being updated regularly.

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