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I bring you good news and bad news, dear reader.

The bad news is that it looks as if my present client may be running out of interesting work for me to do, for the time being, which is a real shame as I’m greatly enjoying working there.

The good news though is that this means I’m now available for hire again! If you need an experienced, charismatic programmer, technical architect or coach to join or lead a team of programmers, and you’re serious about that team producing high-quality code that delivers maximum value to its users and enjoying it as they do so, then I think it’s time we had a little chat.

Read more here: http://mattwynne.net/work/cv/programmer/

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I write software, and love learning how to do it even better.

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  1. This is very sad news for us.

    I would urge anybody who is looking for a dedicated, passionate and articulate member of their team to consider speaking with Matt. You will not be disappointed.

    Dan Rough | e: dan.rough at gmail dot com | +44 79 8073 9436

  2. Hi Matt, Kathryn Partridge gave me your details. There is work available here very soon. Would like to meet to have a chat… Need to talk costs and wordpress. cheers, emily. 07779115586.

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