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Last week I had a great chat with Pat Shaughnessy about The Cucumber Book which has been published as an interview on RubySource. Pat really managed to get to the heart of my opinions about how to use Cucumber effectively, so if you’re too busy to read the book, this will give you a good summary of my latest thinking on topics such as:

  • – why Cucumber is pointless unless you involve the whole team
  • – imperative vs declarative style, and why it matters
  • – testing domain objects directly from Cucumber

If you’re using Cucumber or SpecFlow day to day, or considering them and wondering what benefits you’ll get, I think this interview is worth a read.

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  1. Hey thanks again for doing the interview, Matt! It really was a lot of fun, and I’ve already used your ideas and suggestions while using Cucumber in my day job more than once since then… 🙂

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