Cucumber 1.2.2 Released

This is a maintenance release, but marks a new period in Cucumber’s life as it was released by our new team member Oleg Sukhodolsky. Oleg has been doing a fantastic job since he joined the team a few weeks ago, closing tickets like a boss.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the release:

New Features

  • Ruby 2.0.0 support (#377 Matt Wynne & #357 @charliesome)
  • Capture duration value for json formatter (#329 Rick Beyer)
  • Added support for Hindi (hi), although some systems may need to install fonts which support the Devanagari script.
  • Obey program suffix when invoking bundler (#324 Eric Hodel)


  • Fix class loading problems –format option had (#345, #346 @ksylvest)
  • Exit with failure status when interrupted (#299 @aaronjensen)
  • Cannot map table headers after table hashes is referenced (#275 @chrisbloom7 / Matt Wynne)
  • (before|after)_step aren’t called when scenario outline’s table is processed (#284 Oleg Sukhodolsky)
  • Raise exception when remote socket end disconnects using wire protocol (#348 @rdammkoehler)
  • Fix –dry-run option ignored when set via profile (#248 / #255 Igor Afonov)
  • More clear suggested ruby code for undefined steps (#328 / #331 @martco)
  • Fix exception in Html formatter with –expand mode and undefined steps (#336 Roberto Decurnex)
  • Fix Table.diff! problem with :surplus_row => false and interleaved surplus rows (#220)

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