9 Techniques to Save you from the Bug-Swamp

How many unresolved bugs are there in your system right now? Yes, yes, smarty-pants: the ones you already know about. Ten? Fifty? Two hundred? More?! I find it frighteningly common to see teams let a huge backlog of bugs build up. They set up a trusted system like Jira or Bugzilla and then use it […]

Behaviour-Driving Routes in Rails with RSpec

One thing that isn’t documented very well for RSpec is how to test your routes. I came across an old post on the rspec mailing list which described a great way to do this: describe TasksController “routing” do it “should route POST request for /tasks to the ‘create’ action” do params_from(:post, “/tasks”).should == {:controller =>; […]

Are Use Cases Any Use?

On my last project, some joker took the (much maligned) paper file marked ‘Use Cases’ and gave it the more accurate title ‘Useless Cases’. We hated that file. It contained so much misinformation, so many gaps. Take heed though: Alistair Cockburn still thinks use cases are relevant. We certainly learned on that project that while […]

C# => Ruby Culture Shock #1: ‘Private’ Methods Ain’t So Private

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of little posts about the little flashes of ‘culture shock’ that I experience as I start to move from C# to Ruby as my day-to-day programming language. Here we’re going to look at the subtle yet significant difference in how method access modifiers […]

DataMapper: A Better ORM for Ruby

One of the things that’s always irritated my about rails’ ActiveRecord framework is the way that the domain model lives in the database.Don’t get me wrong: it’s very clever, and a great showcase for ruby’s metaprogramming features, which will blow average C# / Java mind the mind when they first see it. In rails, you […]

WatiN Goes Cross-Browser

The WatiN (Web Application Testing In .Net) framework, a port of the popular watir framework in ruby, has recently announced support for Firefox. This should make it a compelling alternative to selenium, especially as it looks to be a good deal quicker. Sweet. Now if only I had a way to serve up an ASP.NET […]

Automating Javascript Unit Tests / Specs – Part 1

I’m building an Adobe Air application at the moment, which basically means loads of javascript development. We’re building it pure test-first, and have kicked off using jsUnit to get us started with something simple, flipping to the browser when we make a change and hitting the ‘run’ button in the jsTest testrunner HTML page. I’m […]