Browser History That Doesn’t Suck?

I just came across this post from Kevin Lim about a cool new tool for the (Apple-based) Safari browser called SafariStand. A bit like HistoryHound, this plug-in allows you to quickly search your browser history, review it as thumbnails, and has a killer, iTunes-style cover-flow view of your history called History Flow: Like Kevin, I’m […]

Avoid Spaghetti Execution with the Judicious use of Inline Scripting

Rob Conery has kicked up a bit of a stink posting about the use of inline scripting in modern ASP.NET apps. I may post more on this subject when I have time, but I had to just weigh in with my support for disciplined use of this technique, which can save you hundreds of pointless […]

Printing Your Todo.txt Lists to Index Cards at the Command Line

Like a few other people, I’m over kGTD. In the first flushes of my infatuation with the way of GTD she was good to me, showed me a few tricks I’d never seen before. We had some good times, syncing away. But my iCal started to fill up with billions of pointles calendars, my projects […]