Goodbye CruiseControl.rb, Hello Hudson

Imagine you have a friend who writes a blog. Maybe you actually do. Let’s call him ‘Chump’. One day you’re chatting, and the conversation turns to technology. It turns out that Chump is using Dreamweaver to write his blog entries, and manually uploading them to his site via FTP. You’re appalled.

How do you update the RSS feed?

you enquire, trying to conceal the horror in your voice.

Oh, I just edit the Atom file manually, it’s not that hard.

says Chump.

Maybe nobody ever told Chump about wordpress.

At work, we just switched our build server from CruiseControl.rb to Hudson, and we won’t be looking back.

Ruby people, for some reason, seem distinctly inclined to use build servers made out of Ruby too. That’s nice and everything, but these things are childsplay in comparison to the maturity, usability, and feature-set of hudson.

Here’s why I recommend you switch to hudson for your Ruby / Git projects:

  • open source
  • piss easy to set up, even if you have no idea what java even is
  • solid git support
  • works with CCMenu (or your favourite CruiseControl monitoring desktop widget)
  • kill builds from the GUI
  • in fact, manage everything from the GUI
  • distributed architecture, allowing you to delegate builds to multiple machines
  • huge, active plug-in support
  • you have better things to do with your time than faff around hacking on your build server

The problem is, it doesn’t have a smug website with fancy branding, so you probably overlooked it the first time. Go back and take another look.