Upcoming Conferences

Talking on the internet is fine and everything, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face chinwag. This year I’ll be hanging around at a couple of conferences so maybe we can meet up?

At Agile 2009, I’ll be running a workshop called ‘Debugging Pair Programming’. This is a spin-off from an impromptu open-space session I organised at XP Day 2008 where about 40 people helped pull apart the reasons that inhibit teams from adopting pairing as a core practice. I’m hopeful that the experience we’ll be able to gather at the session in Chicago will help gather some really revealing answers.

Later in the year I’m going to be on a panel at the UK Lean Conference discussing my experiences of adopting lean practices in my teams at the BBC and Songkick.com. Rob Hathaway (@kanbanjedi) and Karl Scotland (@kjscotland) have put together a terrific line-up of speakers and sessions and I’m really looking forward to the discussions to be had.

See you there?

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