XpDay London 2009 Announced

XtC are pleased to announce the 9th consecutive London XpDay:

The Agile community has grown and matured over the years we’ve been running XpDay, so now we want an event that helps practitioners collectively advance the State of the Art.

The first day will consist of programmed sessions, the second day will be an Open Space where attendees will discover more about the topics that interest them most. We have three remarkable keynotes lined up for this year: Mark Striebeck, Doron Swade and Terry Saunders. Of course, we’ll still have our famous evening social events.

— from Rachel Davies

The cost for the conference is £350. Highly recommended.

Scheduled Programme: http://www.xpday.org/programme

Booking Form: http://booking.xpday.org/registration.php

London XpDay: http://www.xpday.org

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