Cucumber + Capybara = Web Testing Delight

Following on from Chris’ screencast showing the simplest Cucumber project ever, I recorded a screencast showing the simplest Cucumber web testing project ever. In just five minutes, I’ll show you how to use Capybara to drive a simple Google web search from a Cucumber scenario. If you’re looking to get started using Cucumber to test […]

Thinking outside the shu box

I just got back from the fantastic Lean Agile Scotland conference, where I spoke about why agile fails. I’ve been doing a lot of travelling this year since The Cucumber Book came out, consulting and training different companies in BDD. A pattern I keep seeing are companies who adopted agile a few years ago but […]

Triangulating from GOOS – Great books on Object Oriented Design

A few weeks ago I asked on GOOS the mailing list about some other books that teach the same style of design. I’ve just put together a big order for the juiciest looking ones. Here they are: Concurrency: State Models and Java Programs by Jeff Magee Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities and Collaborations by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock […]

Public BDD Training (London, October)

So far all of my BDD training has been done in-house as private courses for companies. That’s about to change. On October 8th – 11th Chris Parsons and I will be running four one-day training workshops in London focussed on BDD and specification by example. These are the same courses we’ve been successfully running in-house […]

A vision for Cucumber 2.0

At last month’s CukeUp conference, I held a panel discussion between Aslak Hellesoy, Julien Biezemans, Oriol Gual and Jonas Nicklas. I chose these panelists because each of them has written a variation on the original Ruby Cucumber, and I wanted to try to pull these ideas together into a vision for Cucumber 2.0. This post […]

Bootstrapd – a conference for self-funded startups

I’ve been trying to bootstrap a product for the last year or so; I’ve also got several friends who are either already doing it, or have recognised that it’s a better way to make a living than consulting / contracting for a daily rate. I want to get everyone together so we can swap ideas […]