Hi-Fidelity Project Management

If the only metric you use for measuring and forecasting your team’s progress is their iteration velocity, you’re missing out on a great deal of richer information that, for just a few extra minutes per day, you could easily be collecting. This is information that the team can use during the iteration to help spot […]

Random Notes from SPA2010

Usage-Centric Design Narrative Journey Maps Duncan Prefers the term Usage-Centred Design to User-Centric Design. There was a book reference here but I missed it. Narrative Journey Maps (NJM) are a way to model and visualise the steps a user has to follow as they try to achieve a goal. Each Step is decorated with: Comments […]

Agile 2009 Session – Debugging Pair Programming – Part 1

I had the chance to run a 90 minute session at this year’s Agile Conference in Chicago. The conference as a whole was an terrific experience but here I’d like to talk about my session, and what I learned from it. The session focusses on the barriers that prevent people from adopting pair programming. I’ve […]