Fix RubyMine 2.02 Cucumber Integration

If you’re using the latest version of RubyMine (2.0.2) with the latest version of Cucumber (actually anything above 0.7), you’ll probably see this ugly warning when you try to run your cukes from within the IDE:


The bug has been logged, and there’s a published workaround, but I wanted something a bit easier to use.

Try this instead. Close RubyMine, open a terminal, and run this command:

curl | patch -p0

or even

curl -L | patch -p0

It won’t work with Cucumbers older than 0.7, but why would you want to use them?

Update: If you like life on the bleeding edge, you can also try the EAP release (latest development build) of the forthcoming RubyMine 2.5, which contains this fix.

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